Contraption One

I've been making modules that affect the marble in one or two ways, and then sticking them all together. I think this model satisfies all the requirements of the project, but it is a bit of a jumble. My next one will be a bit more unified.


  1. I am most intrigued by the lower section of this model that has been peeled really seems to both embrace and challenge the inherent properties of the material. I think it would be worth it to further explore the material potentials of the chipboard in this way in order to begin manipulating it effectively instead of (or in addition to) assembling volumetric components. Can you apply similar material operations that you used with the paper to the chipboard? Can you score it? fold it? curl it? layer it? etc etc...

  2. The chipboard is pretty tenacious. My second model has a more integrated form, but uses the material even more conventionally. For my third I will try to do something with the material while also creating a form-path which efficiently fulfills the requirements.