Human Scale and The Built Environment

How does human scale and proportion influence the built environment?

*in a very basic sense most of what is built, is built for human use
*some of what influences design decisions are based on the human scale, and what would be most appropriate/comfortable for that scale
*the scale and design of stairs are directly influenced by the human scale and proportion, there are even guides/codes that govern the relationship between stair design and what is most suitable for the average scaled person

How does the built environment influence human occupation?

*the built environment guides and influences what it the most appropriate usage of a particular space
*in a naturally occurring, expansive landscape like a forest, people would be instinctively inclined to explore the space by walking around freely over the ground, up hills, and in all directions as shown in the Lolita Lempika Ad
*but the Gardens at Versailles are built with divisions of grassy vs. stone covered areas, though there are rules, as well as monitors making sure that no one walks on the grass, naturally people would be influenced and guided by the built environment to walk on the stone covered paths that are meant for circulation

ps. I saw this the other day and thought it was a really amazing video, hope you all enjoy it!

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