Masters A project 1 - exercise 03

When working on your constructions pay particular attention to moments of transition.  What are the thresholds between two differing conditions?  How are these moments identified?  Are they solely physical boundaries that one must pass through or can thresholds be suggested without being explicitly stated/formed?  Can a threshold be stretched into an occupied space?  Does it then lose its definition as a threshold?

The concept of thresholds will lead into the next project (starting next week) so begin to identify these moments within your models and describing their characteristics.  Spend some time locating them in your section drawings, sketching them etc.

Exercise 03 due Thursday September 13:

    •  On our blog, post at least 1 image for each ordering principle.  These can come from nature, architecture, landscape, and/or art, but should be expressions of spatial conditions.  Include a short description.  Can you identify an ordering principle in your own work?  If so, post an image and describe.

    •  Continue developing chipboard iterations which address the performative requirements of the previous exercise.  Begin synthesizing elements from your various models into 2 constructions.  Bring in the 2 models on Thursday for review. 

    •  For each model generate one plan and one section on vellum at full scale.  Additionally, on trace, generate working sketches showing intent, detail studies, and/or analysis diagrams for each model.  Practice thinking through drawing.  Bring these with you to class.

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