Project One!

 First model began exploring symmetry and multiple paths for the marble to follow. This one starts, changes direction and comes to a stop.

 Third model started using multiple sheets of paper. This one starts, changes speed and comes to a stop.

 Second model began looking at a non symmetrical construction. This one the marble starts and comes to a stop.

Let me know if anyone has any suggestions, or if I should develop a one of the concepts more in depth. 

Thank you!


  1. I'm noticing you seem to either cut the paper into a lot of pieces or use it as one big piece folded up. Different people seem to break the paper into different parts for different reasons. I think it is curious that you do both - making one piece of paper do a lot of things is really different from making one piece a track, one piece stop the marble, one piece prop the track up, etc.

  2. Your marble has no freedom! I would try to personify the marble. If it were a person being shepherded along a path would it want more space to move about? It also seems as if you have got yourself snagged on using the 'paper airplane' fold. Besides the obvious crumple. What other dimensional textures can you create with your paper? Not all of the folds have to have a crease. And potentially take Nick's weaving advice in mind that could be a solution for some stability issues (if you are having any).