Response to Katherine's post- on hierarchy, includes photos of buildings mentioned

I just posted photographs of the buildings that I mentioned in a comment to Katherine's Ordering Principles post (I could not post photographs in the comment.) Below is the original comment with the added photos.

Great photographs, and examples! I particularly liked your hierarchy example, not only does it relate to a specific object/building and the hierarchy of elements/design within it, but it also relates to hierarchy of a building in relation to it's surrounding environment. Your example of the Arc de Triomphe illustrates the values of the Parisians. Their decision to not allow private buildings to literally/figuratively overshadow existing monumental buildings reflects their value and respect for Paris's history. It really does contrast with the hierarchy of buildings in major US cities, and what our society values. Some of the most monumental buildings are backed by private institutions, like corporations; for example the AT&T Building in NYC by Philip Johnson and even the Church of Scientology building, The Church of Science in Boston.
AT&T Building in NYC- large structure, surrounded by other large structures (skyscrapers) all corporation backed, it shows what our capitalistic society values, the hierarchy of our values are translated into these types of skylines
-there is also a hierarchy in design within this specific building, the entrance to the building is a play on the "rose window" of Gothic cathedrals past, showing change in hierarchy of our values, Middle Ages Vs Contemporary 

Church of Science in Boston - shows the lack of hierarchy that favors monumental buildings of the past

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