project 2 - questions to consider..

characteristics/keywords that define occupation
 - I think two of the main characteristics that define the occupation of a movement is the direction the movement is moving in and the area or size that the occupation takes up doing this movement.  the direction will decide how each section or part of the body moves (forwards/backwards/side-to-side) and the size of the area will decide the furthest reaches of the movement.  How high or low or wide does each movement take up in a particular space in time.

activity occur in isolation or in company of others
 - each movement influences others and all company the other.  if your legs are in stride your arms and torso are moving like wise.  this is same with many things other then just the movement of a body.  when one part of a structure moves another part moves as well to support and control the movement.

view and communication
 - we can view these movements at different angles to better understand how the whole body moves together in one fluid motion.  Depending how we are looking at a particular motion decides how we are communicating such movement and how we are making the movement possible.

what leads in the sequence or happens after it
 - when I look at my pictures/models/drawings we can begin to anticipate and understand what the next movement is going to happen and where the end result will be.  My model of "throwing" shows the right arm moving forwards (knowing this we can anticipate the left are following and movement in the opposite direction).  the same goes with the legs, as one moves forward the other goes back and vis-viruses.  The whole motion can be foreseen my understanding how each part of the motion is influenced by the other.

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