project two questions - human and the environment

 How does human scale and proportion influence the built environment? 

When we build the size, proportions and movements of humans have to be considered greatly.  Everything we form and shape in the environment we have to keep in mid how it will affect the human world around it.  Also how can we shape the environment to better fit the humans surrounding it.       We can shape and change the environment in so many ways to make it more suitable for humans to occupy  building a roadway wide enough for two cars, or a sidewalk the right width to give each person their space needed.  We can change the formation of a body of water with a series of retaining walls so that it better is formed to human needs.  We seem to always find a way to change the natural state of nature so that it can better be used to human advantages.  The size  and the movements of humans has much to do with how we shift the environment because it has to always be kept in mind when building anything from a chair to a bridge.

 How does the built environment influence human occupation? 

I think that that we use the environment in the best way we see fit to make it most livable to humans.  we see in the recent snow storm, small pathways and corridors are shoveled at just the right width to make one person able to pass though.  We cut and build roads depending on the topography of an area so that the littlest amount of impact is possible is done.  the environment influences the way we occupy the land and trustily we build the environment to best suit our needs.

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