Seed Cathedral

The design concept for this project is preserving biodiversity. Heatherwick worked with Kew and Millennium seed bank project whose mission is to collect seeds from 25% of the world's plant species. The structure I think demonstrates how to do this on multiple levels. First, it looks like a dandelion. Dandelion's in and of itself are puffs of seeds ready to be blown away to create a new plant at the first winds wishes. Without the scattering of seeds plants become extinct. Second, the place was created to be very tranquil inside like a church. Here you are to respect and contemplate plant life like you would contemplate your own life in a church. The visitor is surrounded by points of light that hold the seeds of life. Without light life could not exist for any animal or plant. The hundreds of types of seeds shown represent the importance of biodiversity. Without biodiversity plants would die and so would many of the earth's animals. The structure also is easy to disassemble  and disburse like a dandelion would. I think this structure speaks to the concept of every level. The decisions made were clearly made through the concept lens since everything references the seeds, what effects seeds and preservation. 

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