This is the fence/gate in front of my house. This is a threshold because it notes a separation and transition between public and private space from the sidewalk to the yard.

This is the front patio to my home. This is a threshold for many reasons. You can't see it in the photo but the porch has a roof overhang. This gives the space a sense of enclosure and sets up up for entering a private foyer. The other reasons I consider this a threshold is because you have to step up to the porch and the porch is enclosed by a half fence. All these signal to a person that they are about to enter a more personal space. The set up to the front door also signals that entrance into the home should be done with consideration and intent.

This is the foyer to my home. It is a threshold for a few reasons. One the stairs are a threshold because the step up signals that you are starting to move up through the house. It also leads you to a more private part of the home. The Foyer is also a holding place for my guest before I answer the door and is the place where you decided what direction you are going to go-outside, into my apartment or upstairs to the other two apartments.

This is the entrance into my bedroom and my kitchen off the living room. The door to the bedroom, raised floor in the door frame and the gate I added in the kitchen entrance all are examples of thresholds. Each one signals the movement from one space to the next. The door to the bedroom signals the change from a social space to a private space.
This is a photo of my cat's kitty house. This raised floor and the small opening all are thresholds because it signals the transition between my home and her personal space. I added this because I kind of found it humorous. 

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