NOTATIONOTATION at The Drawing Center (a dance / draw performance)

The world premiere of NOTATIONOTATIONS marks a first-time collaboration between renowned, multimedia artist Susan Hefuna (b. Germany, 1962) and contemporary choreographer Luca Veggetti (b. Italy, 1963). NOTATIONOTATIONS posits the idea that if a line is the trace of a point in motion, then the human body moving through the space of the observed world is also a drawing. Staged over three nights, this event will open and close with a new video installation by Hefuna of a bustling, lower Manhattan intersection—a literal mapping of people and place that examines movement as something that is both rehearsed and habitual. Sketched onto the floor will be an expansive web of chalk lines made by Hefuna (her largest work to date) in advance of an audience; its dramatic creation captured by film. The artist perseveres via the projection, which will be screened as Veggetti’s dancers gradually erase the drawn surface through repetitive, physical gestures. The performance culminates in a dynamic display of swooping whorls made by their distilled movements across the floor. The effect is its own form of choreographic documentation. 

Special thanks to the dancers Olivia Ancona, PeiJu Chien-Pott, a soloist from the Martha Graham Dance Company, and Gabrielle Lamb.

Produced by Brett Littman and Joanna Kleinberg Romanow.

The Drawing Center, NY, see more at

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