Project I - Exercise 05 & Project II - Exercise 01

This week we are wrapping up Project I and beginning Project II.  In Project II, you will continue to explore spatial ideas and relationships that were addressed in the previous project.  In addition, you will examine ideas of scale and proportion through human occupation.  While this is a new project, you should still work to apply concepts from the last few weeks to this assignment.

Exercise 05 due Thursday September 12:

•  Photograph the previous assignment and scan all drawings.  

•  If you are already familiar with computer programs such as Photoshop and/or InDesign, produce a series of 8.5x11 page layouts (landscape orientation) which compile the documentation you have previously done and which describe your process over the course of project 1 in a paragraph or so.  If you are not yet familiar with these computer programs, create a layout with printouts of the photos you have taken.  Be selective about which images and captions tell the story of the project development.  Bring the layouts to class on Thursday.

Project II

Exercise 01 due Thursday September 12:

•  With the given print out or PDF file, digitally or manually cut out the figures and selectively collage them into your photographs.  With these figures you are indicating a scale to the construction you made.  How might people occupy such a space?  Does it act as a landscape, a piece of furniture, and interior etc?  Post one such collage (or photo of the collage) on our blog.

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