Project II - Exercise 05

Tonight we’ll cast the test molds, and review the drawings you've done for the motions of the body through space, with the knowledge of what the next part of the project will be.

Exercise 05 due Thursday September 19:

• Model the space the body occupies. Translate the body-in-motion into a spatial construct interpreting one of your 2-dimensional analyses into a 3-dimensional abstraction through casting. Think about expressing the body (in motion, abstracted) as a space created by the formwork required to cast it. Thus, you will need to model the “body” to create the space for it. Further abstraction, techniques, and methods of construction may be determined by your process of casting. This model should be cast in one of the materials used tonight at a scale of 1/2” = 1’-0”, or 1" = 1'-0", whichever is more scale-appropriate to the motion you are studying.

Bring in your Ex05 piece on Thursday, along with tools for a Thursday activity (keep an eye on email and the website/calendar for a list of what to bring).

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