Project II - Exercise 06

Exercise 06 due Monday September 23:
•  Read the selected chapter “Distances in Man” from The Hidden Dimension by Edward Hall (pg 69-78) available at the link on the blog.  We’ll have a short discussion about this Monday, but mainly try to incorporate elements from the reading into the following assignment.

Conceive of a construction where there are two distinct spaces which intersect at some point. These can relate to the spaces your have been investigating from class but, more importantly, should allow for 2 people in seated conversation and  3 people walking to co-exist within a single construction.  The goal is to begin to understand the interpersonal relationships that arise when you start to zoom out in scale and address the accommodation of more than one occupant.  Consider both planar and sectional relationships, privacy and communication...the spaces do not necessarily have to occur on the same level.  

•  Draw 3 schemes for the integration of these two types of spaces.  Use plan, section, and axon to sketch out your ideas.  Each scheme should explore a specific relationship that can be described using one or two words eg. interlocking, overlapping, isolated, extroverted etc.  

•  Further develop your sketched schemes in model form by making at least 3 castings (rockite or plaster) that accommodate the two types of occupation.  You may begin to incorporate another contrasting material into your constructions.  For example, you may choose to embed basswood sticks into your mold in order to define more open, airy, and less monolithic areas of occupation.  Castings should be constructed at a scale of ½” = 1’-0”.

Consider the following:
- What are the characteristics/keywords that define each type of occupation?  
- Does the activity occur in isolation or in the company of others?
- What does it imply in terms of view or communication?
- What leads into the sequence or happens after it?

Cut out and paste the appropriate scaled figures on chipboard backing to use as a reference when developing your spaces.  Bring these to class on Monday.

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