Project II - Exercise 10

At this point you have developed a scheme which negotiates between two different spaces.  You should identify how the various areas within the scheme are occupied and in what way they intersect.  You should consider aspects of light, views, and connection to the ground plane.

You will continue to expand upon your design by taking notice of moments of transition between spaces, between the context and the structure, between “interior” and “exterior” etc.  Are these thresholds clear or ambiguous?  Are they physically present or implied?

Exercise 10 due Thursday October 3:
•  Identify two moments of transition or threshold within your scheme. For each cropped transition produce 3 study models at 1”=1’-0” that explore the development of these transitions (these are sketch models that work through ideas) . You should not be limited by the thickness of your modeling material, thicken walls and modulate topography as necessary.  Use the models as a way to examine methods of intensifying, delineating, or integrating these moments of transition.

• Take 5 photos and post them on our blog of different types of thresholds existing in landscape, architecture, or urban environments. Label them with their location, the types of spaces they are mediating between, and how you identify them as thresholds. You should look for these thresholds in a variety of intimate or vast, public or private spaces and use this opportunity to be critical about the world you dwell in. Perhaps even carry a sketchbook and tape measure to record measurements and notes about the thresholds.

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