Project III - Exercise 02

Exercise 02 due Thursday October 24:

• Finish the site model you started in class. The model should be constructed using chipboard at a scale of 1/16” = 1’-0”.

• Consider the intrinsic qualities of each art work you selected. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you picture each piece? Does it relate to its materiality, construction, scale, narrative, emotion? What is the underlying structure of the piece? What are its most basic components and how are they assembled? What is the feeling it evokes? On chipboard (at least 11” x 17”), one for each artwork, interpret through graphic means what you feel is the spirit of each piece.

The compositions should examine and describe your pieces in broad terms. These will perhaps no longer look like each of your chosen pieces. The goal is not to represent the work as it exists, instead, it should describe the essence of the work or a specific quality that is embedded within the work that you find compelling.

Experiment with a variety of techniques and means of representation.

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