Project III - Exercise 03

Project III objectives are as follows:

• to further your understanding of human dimensions and how the human body engages in positions of rest and movement
• to further your understanding of human experience: spatial relationships, scale, procession, view, threshold, and transition
• to work with larger and more complex systems through the negotiation of a physical site
• to understand systems present in the character and construction of the art pieces and how they are to be viewed and experienced

Exercise 03 due Monday October 28:

• Using the “memory drawings” from class as a basis for extrapolating a third dimension, build constructions at a size that fits within your site model, at least two iterations for each piece. The purpose of this part of the assignment is to generate a conceptual framework that has a physical expression. The degree to which to the construction integrates with the surrounding context is up to you, however, it must be presented within the site model on Monday.

• Think about how the pieces will relate to one another spatially. Loosely sketch out some initial thoughts on their relationships (plan, section, axon etc). Consider that each piece of art should be displayed in a space devoted to that work, however, these spaces can overlap or be connected. Do you want to stretch out the experience and create an elongated sequence? Are you interested in the viewer having a sense of all pieces at once? While you are brainstorming, generate a list of keywords and ideas that are important to you when considering the experience of the works.
Next week we will delve into the physical experience of the site and the associated systems and conditions that are present when working with a space situated in the urban environment. Eventually, you will join all three elements together: the experience of the artwork + the overall form of the gallery + how it works within the site

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