Project III - Exercise 06

Monday November 4:

Review and discuss Exercise 05

Exercise 06 due Monday November 11:

•  Working from the studies you generated for today, create at least 6 design proposals. For each proposal, build a 1/16” = 1’-0” model. Model through a combination of iteration and variation.  Use your site model for context and insert your models into this site for evaluation. Model with material that is expedient, but consistent with your thoughts about how the program (art), circulation, site, and other researched factors work together.

•  For each scheme, create a series of sketches (plans, sections, diagrams, perspectives) which show how the massing influences or reacts to site conditions. The type of drawing you create will vary depending on the information you are trying to communicate. Take some time to think about what type of drawing best describes the conditions you are interested in. These can be drafted or done freehand. The important thing is to work through and communicate your concept. Consider circulation, sequence and views.

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