Concept Statements - Rewritten

Areas of intersection and overlap identified in both the selected artworks and observed at the site are the organizing framework for the proposal. Moments of penetration between otherwise separated spaces create a unified connected experience. 

Through the blurring of perceived boundaries, the visitor’s experience extends beyond the limits of each individual artwork and the proposed architecture. This encourages a reinterpretation of the pieces, their relationship to one another, and their situation within the surrounding urban context

By inserting moments of pause within areas of activity and motion, this proposal creates tiered spaces of obscurity revealed only through exploration and experience. View and anticipation at once disorient and ground the visitor within the structure, and subsequently, the site.

This proposal is framed as a series of contrasts, namely:
These opposing conditions encourage movement and awareness of both the natural features on the site, as well as the artworks themselves.

Using lines to connect existing site markers, volumes are inscribed that describe a dichotomy of density and dispersion. Manipulations of scale, in addition to the expansive arrangement of the artworks throughout the landscape, create spaces for meandering, discovery, and a shifting understanding one’s own position relative to the surrounding environment. 

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