Human inhabitation of spaces

Villa Savoye, Le Corbusieur 
The master bath at the Villa Savoye features a built - in chaise scaled for human inhabitation.

The Metropolitan Museum, Architects: Calvert Vaux; Jacob Wrey Mould
The steps of the Met have become a sort of meeting space - this is not originally how the space was intended to be inhabited and has been shaped by human inhabitation 

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  1. That is an amazingly beautiful photograph of the master bath!
    I really like your example of how the built environment can be influenced human inhabitation. I wonder what other influences led to the steps being used as a meeting space and casual gathering spot, maybe it has to do with the location, or the casual/liberal attitude of NYC. It really does contrast with the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, even though it is close to a few universities, and has many programs to encourage a wide range of visitors, I have never seen anyone using the steps for anything other than a means to get into the building.