A Study of Scales

"Powers of Ten" stills are used in order to illustrate the range of information that is legible at different scales.  What elements are important or especially visible in each view?  How do they differ? 

1 m x 1 m square: size of objects, text, color and pattern, texture, body position and interpersonal relationships

10 m x 10 m square: composition within surrounding frame, larger scale patterns, angles, depth and shadow

100 m x 100 m square: modes of transportation, curves vs. straight lines, edge conditions, color, surfaces, can't see people

1000 m x 1000 m square: infrastructural elements, roads and railways, parks, urban conditions, edge conditions, organizational logic, context

Notice the different grains of information ranging from fine grain details, to coarse grain contextual information.  Using the information you learned in this exercise think about why you would represent your work at one scale over another.

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