Get Out of That Box

A Threshold is more than simply a piece of building material fastened to a doorsill.  It is more than a door or an opening.  In fact, it is very difficult to not experience thousands of thresholds in your day-to-day experiences.  A threshold can be considered a starting or ending point of an experience, or a point in which something is just perceived: 'threshold of pain', or 'threshold of consciousness'.  I could go on and on but instead, lets have a look at some of the images I captured over the course of about a day or so:

This is an example of a threshold that can be experienced in a number of ways.  The easiest way to describe this threshold is the transition from roadway to sidewalk. I took this photo in Boston on my way back to my parking spot. 

Here is an interesting experience. Passing underneath an overhang created by a tree. This experience is understood  and perceived by the presence and then ultimately the absence of the tree branches and leaves overhead. This was also a shot taken in Boston.

Classic. This is the door to my refrigerator. This and the next few images were taken at home. 

How about this? A chair? Chairs most commonly offer the opportunity to move from a standing to a seated position. Of course, once you are seated you have the chance to once again stand up. (A two for...)

The start of the day... Maybe the threshold of eating...  The threshold of hunger and satiety.  I don't know.  Which do you think it is?

When I consider the concept of threshold I think of a shift in truth.  When I experience the passage of various thresholds it seems to be necessary for something that was once previously true to become false.  And vice versa for the upcoming experience.

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