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I used some of my old landscape schemes to reconsider some of my model. I am still struggling to make every part of this thing operational, but I have succeeded in breaking some of the rectangularity while at the same time maintaining the intimate interiority my model has had.

These two diagrams depict the model on the precipice of a cliff, with a narrowing passageway leading into an intermediate chamber. This really constitutes a third, spherical space, lacking the surveying view of the top area while being more open than the view in the passageway. The details of how the passageway begins are not totally sorted out, but I think the view from the front can reveal very little of the top of the model.

The top diagram is a plan of a possible scheme with a narrower passageway-canyon, restricting the view of a  ramp leading to the upper chamber. I have made the window in this chamber somewhat smaller as well.

The lower diagram represents a third scheme where the upper chamber is at ground level, and rather than going up to meet it, one merely walks on the level portion of ground, which forms a path where the ramp in the other scheme is. In the main area of the middle area the ground slopes down to make a partial precipice out of the cave. 

These are some photographs I took of my model in its initial state. The partially obscured ladder on the right shows that there is a good 2 foot area on the right of the cave which is invisible from the view of the door. By making the passageway more restricted, I can reduce the view even further to completely obscure a ramp or other mechanism to bring ambulators up to cave level. 

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