Fall and Skip Questions

I found my skipping movement to be very complex (though quite linear) compared to my fall. When modeling the skipping, I was seeking ways to simplify and extract the most important moments/movements that could highlight the motion. In doing so, I found some very interesting points of openness and enclosure in my models. When working on the 'fall' model, I had difficulty finding ways connect my body's points of focus. My original model, had already created some sense of enclosure/passage between the feet and the head/hands.

Though one movement is more static than the other, they can both relate to each other through their paths through space. The skipping creates an undulating movement, while the fall creates a smooth arc. The fall also contains a clear pivot point, and makes the passage of time in the model less apparent. The skipping contains peaks and valleys that help differentiate and breakup the movement into stages. 

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