Looking at Movements

-when looking at the two movements, the two movements both move in one direction.  One is moving across a distance while the other is standing up straight.  When I was studying them I was looking at the legs and how it moves thought the movement.  While the legs repeat in the walking they don’t in the standing in place movement but the legs do go thought similar motions with the bending of the knee to the straighten of the leg in both movements 

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  1. David, could you elaborate on your observations regarding the two movements? For instance, how might these two movements (one transitory and one more static) intersect or coexist? Is one observing the other? Are they both visible to each other? How could your observation of repetition be utilized in order to establish a relationship between the two movements? Try digging a little deeper when you take a critical look at your work and what it might communicate. It will help you later on when we begin to develop strategies for organizing spatial relationships.