Dumb Art

I feel like I need to start by saying it was very difficult to pick a piece of artwork. There are just too many to choose from. That said, I did manage to pick one. Instead of writing about art that filled me with joy, sorrow or moved me in meaningful way I chose a modern art piece that I came across during my study abroad in London at the Tate Modern. This particular piece I found to be perplexing, confusing and slightly humerus, not because it was such a great piece but because I wondered why the heck it was in a museum to begin with. Here I will describe the piece for you. It was a long, narrow hot pink light, vertically hung on a white wall. What!? What's the point of that!? You could have found that same light in any young, hip person's American house in the 80's. Seriously. I understand art is a many wonderful things and comes is all forms. But that light goes to show you that I could and maybe should have my "art" shown in a museum. Maybe that can be my side job. See how many museum folks I can trick into thinking I am fabulous artist. Just in case the descriptive image I gave didn't do it for you I recreated it for you on paper!
To further show you how little I thought of this "art" I will now tell you that the maker of this light is unknown to me and really not worth trying to find out.

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