Exercise 02: Inspirational Image

Wow! Like Zach, I was also moving into a new home this weekend. While I was shifting boxes and other stuff from my old house to the new one, the thought of not able to post anything on the blog was constantly disturbing me. Today evening when I sank into my couch, all exhausted, something caught my attention. It was a “Shankha” in my temple. It’s actually a conch shell which can be found in Indian Ocean.

What really intrigued me was its unique form. Its body is oblong and has protuberance in the middle, but tapers at each end. The upper portion is Corkscrew-shaped, while the lower end is twisted and tapering.

It would be really interesting to see how marble would move inside the curves of the conch and the sound it would produce while hitting the conch surface.

Trying my best to reproduce something like this in paper for the next studio!

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  1. One of the things that is interesting about the shell example you have posted is that it has a range of textures and striations along its surface. How could these be employed in your paper constructions and then how might they translate into the chipboard material? Do you think they can? The shell also has the quality of having an "interior" space which is differentiated by a smooth surface. It would be great to experiment with the differentiation of these types of zones within your construction in a similar way.