moving and progress!

I've spent the better part of this weekend moving into a new apartment (hence my late posting).  However, during the unpacking process I had stroke of inspiration.  I was putting things away in the kitchen and unwrapping all sorts of glasses and bowls and plates and utensils when I noticed that a particular strainer I have (usually used for handling pastas like ravioli or gnocchi) had a really fantastic shape to it.  It is a simple, shallow cradle made up of interwoven wires that form dozens of tiny squares, giving it's gentle slope a wonderful texture as well.  I imagined how a marble would respond if dropped onto it-- how it would roll and bounce along depending on the angle I was holding the strainer.  I decided to try and recreate that texture and slope on a piece of paper, and so far the experimentation has bread even more ideas.  My plans are to develop several iterations based on this concept, and to really play around with concave vs. convex and points/ways of entry.  I have not yet carried this concept over to the chipboard, but I plan to over the next couple of days as well.

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  1. It is great that you are thinking of the integration of slope and texture as it might relate to your construction. After completing your initial studies of the concave form, what are some ways you think you can build in variation in order to differentiate pathways and/or textures?