Exercise 03 Progress

I tried to use moisture to help form the paper (and then the chipboard).  I didn't want to saturate the paper.  It was so humid outside I didn't think it would ever dry.  I used a damp cloth draped over it and a form (plate and bowl).  With the chip board, which is much more rigid, I used the cloth to dampen the material and then used string to hold a form while it dried.  Both materials held the form on some level.  The paper isn't as smooth as I expected.  That could be very interesting once I finish and try out the marble.


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  1. This is a good start, Annika. Don't forget that taking things to the limit is a way of learning about the critical properties you are investigating. For instance, what bend radius is too small before it creases? Then, when you have that information, how can you deploy the material into a larger composition?