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Like many of my studiomates, I was inspired by the concept of the paper airplane.  I wanted to create a design which mimicked the affect generated by the TWA Terminal, designed by Eero Saarinen.  The manner in which the concrete is set moves the gaze toward the sky over a gradual slope which is meant to reflect the feeling of flying.  As the concrete component is thin and uniform, I began to wonder how this concept could be applied to paper.  As paper is malleable, the overall shape can be easily mimicked, but to reflect the same structural integrity of Saarinen's airport terminal, I wanted my structure not to give weight under pressure.  Thus, I created folds which would support the structure as well as  help create the form.

Using intersecting elliptic, or hyperbolic slopes, I wanted the structure to cause a gradual, more subtle change in direction.  I again turned to this design by Eero Saarinen, and wondered at what path a marble would follow if dropped on the roof, and concluded that it might follow a wave rather than a vector.

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  1. Being particular about the type of movement and shape of the pathway you want to create as a starting point should help to inform the structural strategy and formal expression of your construction. I'm curious to see how you were able to "pin" the points where the structure comes in contact with the ground so it doesn't collapse. Were you looking at tabs or interlocking elements?