Extracting a symphony from proportion.

Examining the relation of the part to the whole is a very poetic concept to deliver. Through an understanding of the relationship between positive and negative space, a sense of true unity is given. By using the lens of proportion I have the ability to create a coherent vacuum, creating negative space that is equal to the positive space validates the entire space my structure occupy s.What is the power of the cup without the negative space? Keeping this in mind lets dive into the schematics of proportion. With in proportion is contained geometric, harmonic, and symmetrical proportion. The variety of ways of how dynamic or static movement is captured by these principals of proportion is staggering. The layers of depth you can take this idea to gives this concept a very playful foundation. I used the Fibonacci sequence ( 1,1,2,3,5 ) to create a combination of symmetry, harmony and geometric balance. Every arch is composed of this ratio, and moving up the scale in from arch to arch. The bottom arch is 2" tall then 4" then 6" then 10" then 16". The process is falling together so seamlessly it feels like the building is designing itself. Every section in the arch is also either 2"; 4"; 6"; 10" or 16".

All the different arches stretch towards the sky to create the negative space in the middle a stillness is found that I intended for static movement. More place are found for static movement out side with benches than extend the boundary of the structure for additional seating. Movement is encouraged to flow around the building but also allows for direct linear movement into the building. This structure truly breathes proportion in a very poetic way

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