Project III - Exercise 01

Thursday October 17: Field Trip to ICA

Through sketches and drawings, note your observations of the following:
 - How is the art placed in relationship to the architecture? Exterior landscape?
 - How is the art placed in relationship to the viewer?
 - How does the viewer’s position change according to the medium of the work?
 - How do people move through the spaces? What is the overall sequence through the museum
as well as the path of visitors within each room?
 - What are the types of program spaces in the museum?

Project III will deal with the design of a series of spaces for viewing art.  You will be asked to choose 3 pieces from the following selection of works. These works explore a variety of relationships between viewer and the work, viewer and other viewers, viewer and environment, and the work and environment.

Category 1 (resolution/detail/distance)
Tara Donovan: choose from her “push pin” drawings in the series: “Drawing (Pins)”
Chuck Close: choose from “Lucas” (1987), “Self” (1997), “Phil” (2012)
Gego: choose one large-scale stainless steel wire composition

Category 2 (movement/body relationships/view)
Dan Graham: pick from his pavilions such as: “Square Bisected by Curve”, “Penultimate Curving Pavilion”
Anish Kapoor: pick from his “mirror” pieces such as: “Turning the World Inside Out”, “Non-Object (Spire)”
Sol Lewitt: "Incomplete Open Cubes"

Category 3 (time/performance/social experience)
Tony Orrico: choose a large-scale drawing
Steve Reich: “Pendulum Music”
Michael Gordon: “Timber”

Exercise 01 due Monday October 21:
•  Select 3 artworks for this project.  Choose one from each category above.  Research your selected artworks and artists, and prepare a presentation which introduces your selections and explains your view of the pieces to the rest of the class.  Include your own sketches and diagrams in the presentation (scan them).  Along with basic information including date, medium, location and dimensions, consider the following questions:
 - How does the piece fit within the artist’s greater body of work?
 - What ideas is the work trying to convey? What are the intentions of the artist?
 - What is the scale of the work and how do you imagine someone interacting with it?
 - How is the piece installed? Does the artist prefer certain methods of viewing?

Post the above to the blog by Monday, and bring a paper-format version to class on Monday. Formatting for the paper version is shown on the blog.

•  Draft a plan and elevation/section of each art piece (3 plans, 3 sections total) at 1/4”=1’-0”

Bring these drawings to class on Monday.

Over the weekend, we will be sending out midterm progress grades.  On Monday you will have time to speak with us regarding the grades and any other concerns you may have about the class since we are at the midpoint in the semester.

Project II - Exercise 13 due Monday October 21:
•  Photograph Project II models (including study models) and scan all drawings (including process sketches/drawings).

•  Produce a series of 8.5x11 page layouts (landscape orientation) which compile your documentation and which describe your process over the course of Project II.  Remember to think of these as being viewed within the context of a "book" or "portfolio" rather than as individual sheets pinned to a wall.  Be selective about which images and captions tell the story of the project development.  Bring the pages to class on Monday. 

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