This threshold offers a change in plane that transitions from public to private space

 This, and the next photo are entrances to a public park.  The thresholds include a change in material as well as masonry elements to mark the transition

This is a threshold to an elevated play platform.  I though it was specifically interesting that it is size-selecting, which speaks to scale.  Having tried to climb up on this platform myself, adults are NOT welcome!

 This is an entrance to a public trail.  There is a change in material, pavement to gravel.  Also, the trees become much more dense creating an over-hang.  There area also cement blocks on either side of the path that mark the transition.

This backyard has a change in material (grass to concrete step) and a gate that marks the transition from public to private.

I have often seen thresholds at home entrances in the form of stairs, especially ones that are different materials.  This ramp has a concrete end that serves the same purpose.

This is a threshold in the most traditional sense, a piece of wood that marks the transition from one room to another.  The thing that I think is interesting is that the space (front hall and living room) might otherwise have been experienced as one space if the flooring wasn't different.   This was my way of keeping the feeling of a traditional front hall, my house was built in 1886, but creating a larger room with more traffic area that works better with our furnishings and lifestyle.

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