Exercise 02 - Inspirational image.

Part of what I think falls into patterns of folding is seeing things in a very linear fashion, including the folds themselves. I think with my prior folds I saw them in a very "digital" type values, as pure lines of infinite but two dimensional values and that the planes themselves are the three dimensional values. Then as I was searching for folding images I had come across one that had only used curves as folding lines. Very analog values and gamuts that gave not just the planes but the lines three dimensions as they curve between planes. It was from there I saw movement rather than seeing intercept points of linear lines I saw growing and diminishing paths. (Image upload isn't publishing correctly so I am providing a link to the image) http://i.imgur.com/BOwGyiv.gif

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  1. I'm intrigued by the radial scoring and curved folding technique that you have posted here. It looks like there is a direct relationship between the curved, 3-dimensional parts of the pattern, and the "flat" 2-dimensional zones which appear to be defined by triangles and modified trapezoids. I am excited to see how you may be exploring the interaction of these geometries in your own studies.