Raining Marbles!

While pondering the assignment over the weekend inspiration came to me in the shape of the weather. Water droplets are basically falling like marbles, landing on and falling down natures 1d planes, or plant leaves. Plant leaves are already designed to capture the most amount of water and funnel it to the ground where it stops. After standing out in the rain for some time watching the water droplets roll off the leaves I gathered some thoughts. Some of the leaves I was impressed with was the Hosta leaf, Squash, and Sunflower leaf. I am going to use these for inspiration in the paper part. I think bark might make a great example for the chipboard since there both stiffer, but I need to dry off a bit first. Wish me luck!

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  1. I am excited that you are thinking about seeing inspiration in the world around you. Looking at plant structures, and ideas of biomimicry are great sources of design cues.